Caroline Stonehouse

Operations Consultant at

Caroline has over 25 years of experience managing Law Firms of various sizes in San Francisco and San Diego. Her experience in small law firms includes responsibility for all non-attorney functions including staff supervision, contract negotiation, bookkeeping and HR management for multiple law firms. Having worked in small firms with direct reporting to the partners, she understands the importance of taking responsibility of duties to allow attorneys to spend their time on client work.
Caroline has a degree in Public Administration from the San Diego State University and is certified in Quickbooks. She has been a member of the Board of Directors for both the San Francisco and San Diego Chapters of the Association of Legal Administrators. She has strong ties to both legal communities and adds a southern California presence to DLCCS. Caroline is a native Spanish speaker and has also interpreted and translated documents.

When Caroline isn’t working for clients, she loves to spend time with family who live in different parts of the world and travel to her second home in Cabo San Lucas.

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