Standing Rules

The Board of Directors, met at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, August 18, 1992, in the offices of Walton, Ottesen, Meads, Koler & Hack to formulate Standing Rules and add a new dimension to the structure of the San Diego Chapter of ALA. All Board members were in attendance.

Standing Rules, as described in Robert’s Rules of Order, are rules which are related to the details of the administration of a society rather than to parliamentary procedure, and which can be adopted or changed upon the same conditions as any ordinary act of the society.


In order for all officers, committee, chairs and members to work together and communicate in a more effective manner, guidelines have been added to our position descriptions. Items which require Board approval are specifically noted within each committee description. The following description is a generalized paragraph.

  1. Specific activities require the Board of Directors’ approval. The procedure involves contacting the President to request the item be placed on the agenda for the next Board of Directors meeting. The Committee Chairperson will attend and report the activity/item for the direction or approval of the Board.
  2. Additionally, the Board of Directors meetings are open to any committee chair or committee member and to any ALA member. Members are asked to call the President for space planning purposes if they wish to attend.


At its February 14, 1995 meeting, the Board of Directors approved the following definitions of prospective and former ALA members who may attend designated membership meetings.


  1. Prospective members are individuals who meet the eligibility requirements for membership as defined in the bylaws, and have expressed interest in becoming members of the San Diego Chapter of ALA.
  2. They are encouraged to attend one membership meeting with lunch paid by the Chapter, before they are approved for membership.*
  3. In addition, prospective members may attend one additional chapter meeting at their own expense.*
  4. Their attendance is restricted to two meetings, as described above.


  1. Former members are persons no longer employed as administrators, nor eligible for ALA membership.
  2. They may attend the December Membership Meeting, which is traditionally a holiday party, at their own expense.*
  3. Former members may attend the spring Leadership/Installation meeting at their own expense.*
  4. Former members who are currently vendors to the legal industry are not to conduct any business discussions at either of the above described meetings.
  5. They are restricted to attendance at the two above described meetings.

* Stated as amended by Board of Directors approval on June 14, 2004.


At its January 9, 2001 meeting, the Board of Directors approved the following guidelines for the proper use of the Chapter’s global e-mail list for dissemination of information to the membership.

  1. The use of global e-mail to all current chapter members of the San Diego Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators is for Chapter business only.
  2. Global e-mail is not to be used by members soliciting information either on his or her own behalf, or on behalf of his or her firm.
  3. Requests for global e-mails should be directed to the Communication Chair who will apply the standards in making decisions as to whether or not the e-mail is appropriate for distribution. The Communication Chair may submit any questionable e-mail to the Board for its approval.


At its June 8, 2004 meeting, the Board of Directors approved the following San Diego Chapter membership benefits for Regular and Associate Members. For member benefits at the national level, please refer to ALA’s website at or contact the ALA offices.

  1. Dues: All Members pay the standard dues for San Diego Chapter membership.
  2. Meetings, Seminars, Etc.: Attendance at monthly Chapter Board meetings is restricted to Members. Associate Members may attend monthly Chapter membership meetings, networking events, vendor events, all educational seminars, all teleseminars, etc.
  3. Website Access: All members have access to the Chapter website (
  4. Membership Handbook: All Members receive a copy of the Chapter Membership Handbook.
  5. Salary & Benefits Survey: All Members may participate in the survey, if they are employed at a law firm or in a Corporate/Government Legal Department and have access to personnel records.